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માનોજાતિય રોગો નું જાણવા બુક વાચો... અહીં કિલ્ક કરો...
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Dr. Pravin B. Patel
Dr.Sanket Patel
Dr.Paresh Patel
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Emergency- 24*7- open. but other than above mentioned time,only emergency cases will be taken.
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Wel Come To Jay Hospital Palanpur , Gujarat

Jay hospital palanpur is a privet hospital for a treatment and rehabilitation of psychiatric illnesses. It is also a center for psychotherapy, counseling while treating patients and some cage studies, continuously providing literature and books, seminars and presentation for healthy society and continuously trying and working for people’s awareness of caules and treatment of psychiatric diseset and that way trying always to free the society from believing in false and mystical treatment. Our motto is to make move and more patient of psychiatric illney , to reach psychiatrist directly and that way saving their time and money, and most important to regain their psychological health as early as possible. Jay hospital was started on 05/06/2001; it is in service since then about 15 year. Our working principal “Healthy mind- healthy body- healthy society and nation”

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માનોજાતિય રોગો નું જાણવા બુક વાચો…
March 9, 2016

માનોજાતિય રોગો નું જાણવા બુક વાચો... અહીં કિલ્ક કરો...
મારી નવી બુક જીવન એક આનંદ (દ્રિતીય આવૃત્તિ)….
February 6, 2016

મારી નવી બુક જીવન એક આનંદ (દ્રિતીય આવૃત્તિ) બુક લેવા સંપર્ક કરો:: પ્રાપ્ત...


‘Jay hospital has been in service of psychiatriacally ill patients providind them indoor as well as outdoor bases,also rehab therapy,psychotherapy,and councelling.
* we are interested in increasing awareness of psychiatric illnesses,and making societies free of false believes regarding causes and treatments of such illnesses.
* we are also interested in doing programmes and seminars for students to combate exam phobia,stress of studies and expectation laid on them by parents and society.also for parents to help them for supporting , motivating,and effectively communicating with students. * we also want to help people,with seminars, presentations,and writing and
editing literature and books, for leaving peacefull, joyous and balanced life. this is how,also to guide them to reduce daily stress and to succeed in real way
*we are also interested in

testimonial Dr.Pravin Patel

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